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Beef cattle from Wynwood Droughtmasters

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Wynwood Droughtmasters  operate beef cattle stud. Wynwood Droughtmasters work towards offering top quality cattle with correct structure and genetic merit. Wynwood Droughtmasters serve the beef industry with quality cattle.

Wynwood Droughtmasters provide 'bullpower rating' as a part of the Breedplan-Estimated Breeding Values (EBV) to make the purchase easy for their customers. With the purchase of transportable electronic scales, Wynwood Droughtmasters record feedlot, weight and grade selling. Wynwood Droughtmasters provide fertile cattle that structurally fit with carcass attributes. Wynwood Droughtmasters aim to meet their own market requirements as well as the preference of their customers.

Wynwood Droughtmasters maintain a strict balance between genetics, management and the nutrition supply in their breed variety. The breedplan followed by Wynwood Droughtmasters provide breed varieties that can suit any kind of condition both within and outside Australia.

Wynwood Droughtmasters offer quality breed varieties by maintaining an objective measurement, market forecasts and the needs of the customer. Wynwood Droughtmasters choose cattle with quality performance by using the EBV measures. Wynwood Droughtmasters have understood that the physical nature of animals varies with environmental and genetic conditions and this will not be carried over to their progenies.

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