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Humified compost provides answers

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Rhonda and Bill Daly, principals of YLAD Living Soils  in Young, NSW, recently travelled to Ingham for the GIVE Program to enlighten growers of the many benefits of humus soil fertility and humified compost production. ‘The strong ground swell of growth and interest in sustainable agriculture is being driven by declining soil carbon, imbalanced soil minerals, decreasing plant health, escalating costs and nutrient leaching’, says Rhonda.

YLAD Living Soils are passionate about educating and assisting growers to set up their own fertiliser production system, producing humified compost and extracted compost tea, positively impacting soil fertility and plant nutrient levels.

There is a huge potential both for growers and mills, involved in sugar cane production, to convert waste residues into high quality humified compost. The compost can then be used by growers to lower fertiliser inputs, particularly nitrogen. Nutrients held in humus and microbial biomass are available for plant uptake but less likely to tie-up or leach.

YLAD Living Soils are the Australian and New Zealand distributors for Aeromaster Composting Equipment, manufactured by Midwest Bio-Systems in Illinois USA.

Nineteen Aeromaster Turner owners, throughout Australia and New Zealand, now confidently convert waste residues into humified compost following the Advanced Composting System process provided by YLAD Living Soils.

Bill Daly, of YLAD Living Soils believes that humified compost is one of the most cost effective ways of improving soil health and fertility in an environmental friendly manner. YLAD are proud to be contributing to the healing of agricultural soils and the health of the environment.

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