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World Authority to speak on Humus Technology

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Edwin Blosser, President, Midwest Bio-Systems always delights participants with his broad knowledge of soil, plant and human health and his flamboyant presentation style. Edwin will bring to light his knowledge of humus and how it positively impacts soil health and healthy plant growth, allowing for essential processes to take place.

The growing plant is a store house for nutrients for both animal and human consumption. Nutrient dense plants are more likely to resist disease and pests than their sick weak neighbours.
Australian weather patterns are being adversely affected due to the lack of carbon in the soils.

This lack of carbon can be addressed by using humus compost and other activated biological products to raise carbon levels to where soils are able to support soil life, recycle nutrients, and sustain healthy plant growth. Humus is a material full of active carbon that dramatically improves the physical, chemical and microbiological aspects of the soil.

Active carbon is a carbon that has been digested and transformed by soil microbes that culminates into humus which is the best active carbon available for plant production.

Active carbon will cause soil structure to expand soil particles, creating greater air space within the soil. This in turn allows roots to penetrate deeper into the soil, resulting in more vigorous healthy root growth. Active carbon also solubolises minerals making them more available, therefore producing greater plant production. This is extremely beneficial in normal conditions but is exponentially more critical in severe drought conditions.

Active carbon also holds up to 4 times its weight in water, increasing the water holding capacity of the soil. This dramatically improves the plants’ ability to access available water in drought conditions.

There is no doubt that active carbon will help plants produce the same amount of yield with three to five times less water. This phenomenon can be scientifically proven by monitoring the plant sap and plant cell quality.

The lack of active carbon in Australian soils is producing the phenomena that results in the decline in significant rainfall events, creating drought conditions.

Farmers are introducing these humus materials either as a humus compost mineral blend or extracted compost tea or activated biological products, raising the levels of active carbon in their soils.
People in Australia are becoming increasingly aware that they can produce humified compost on farm or purchase the finished product from producers using the Advanced Composting System, such as YLAD Living Soils .

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