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YLAD Living Soils bring farmers hope for a successful cropping season

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YLAD Living Soils  have supported CANFA (Conservation Agriculture & No-Till Farming Association) for the past five years by attending their annual Field Day which covers all aspects of soil management, minimum and no tillage systems and new innovative ideas to improve cropping systems.

With a big focus on machinery improvement and modifications to improve seedling establishment and retention of crop residues, YLAD Living Soils’ presence brings a local wealth of knowledge and experience on soil health and fertility and seeding programs to the Field Day.

At last year’s NSW Conversation Agriculture Field Day, YLAD Living Soils were there to give knowledge to the innovative farmer on the benefits of adding humus soil technology to their cropping systems.

YLAD Living Soils have recognised the importance of treating the three aspects of the soil, mainly the physical, chemical nutrient and micro-biological with equal regard. Not one of these areas can be disregarded if truly sustainable agriculture is to be implemented to solve the world food shortage and degradation of Australian soils.

The YLAD Living Soils seeding program has been used over the past eight years with over 300 customers, giving consistent results of low screenings, excellent protein and high test weights as well as improving soil structure and fertility. Chemical fertilisers destroy soil structure and with soils losing 7 tonnes of top soil per hectare per annum it is now time to minimise these losses with healthier alternatives.

The Bio TX Seeding Program combines the best of mineral, microbial and humate technology to provide broadacre farmers with the opportunity to improve germination rates, increase early root and shoot growth, leading to increased plant vigour and health.

For the 2009 sowing season a two-pack seed dressing has been formulated combining the best inputs. Bio TX 500, an extracted compost tea, teaming with beneficial mirco-organisms and Seed Start. This re-formulated product is a fusion of proven germination enhancers and seedling kick-starters designed to promote early vigour and improved plant health.

Seed Start delivers essential micronutrients required immediately by the plant for growth and development. Deficiencies such as manganese, zinc, copper, magnesium, sulphur, iron, boron and molybdenum are addressed with Seed Start.

Zinc being an essential micronutrient required by the plant for growth and development is included in the seed dressing as well as a granular form down the tube. Early root growth will be dramatically enhanced as well as the seedling being healthier, robust and resilient.

Microbial inoculums enable farmers to reduce Nitrogen and phosphorus inputs and fix free atmospheric nitrogen and solubilise ‘locked-up’ phosphorus.

The incidence of root and plant disease comes from an imbalance between the ‘good’ guys and ‘bad’ guys in the root zone and on the leaf. By supplying more beneficial micro-organisms farmers are reporting healthier plants with less disease incidence.

Guano granules included in all down the tube blends supply 15% phosphorus which will not lock up and become insoluble throughout the growing season. Also containing high levels of Silica and calcium this helps decrease the susceptibility to lodging and the incidence of infections with root pathogens.

Humic acids contained in boron humates stabilise nitrogen and improve nitrogen efficiency as well as complexing phosphorus to reduce lockups. Boron Humate Granules hold the nutrients in sandy soil and improve structure in heavy soils. The humic acid release stimulates fungi, promoting increased nutrient availability. Humate granules stimulate faster emergence and greatly increase root development.

Managing the rhizosphere with biological fertilisers allows the roots to achieve their purpose of supplying nutrients to the plant. Roots should not be naked and bare but covered with soil and exudates, looking just like ‘dread locks’. These plants will assist by fixing carbon into the soil, reducing global warming and increasing the carbon in the soil.

The health and vigour of emerging seeds sets the potential for healthy productive plant growth resulting in a high yielding crop that can out-compete weeds and disease.

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