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YLAD Living Soils bring life back to soil with humus compost

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article image Compost turner on the YLAD humus compost site at Young, NSW

Over the past eight years YLAD Living Soils  have advocated managing soils in a more environmentally sustainable manner by using humus soil amendments to build fertility and bring life to tired, depleted soils.
YLAD Living Soils brought humus soil technology to Australia, as well as the system that produces high quality humus compost from local waste residues.
Users of humus compost have noticed marked improvements in production in broadacre cropping, pastures and gardens.
“If you look at the Young Shire Council gardens and ovals the benefits of humus compost is evident. Having a ‘green’ safe product locally produced is a bonus for the people of Young and district,” says Rhonda Daly, owner of YLAD Living Soils.
Daly says growing vegetables in humus compost improves the nutritional value of produce by supplying necessary minerals, deficient in a lot of commercially grown produce. When the soil produce is grown in is healthy, the food is healthy, and therefore so are the people.

Further to this, humus compost has the ability to hold four times its weight in water, which is ideal in the production or gardening cycle when water is scarce.

Daly goes on to say that relocalising fertiliser - in the form of compost for example - and food production is seen as a way of transforming agricultural systems to ensure the future of farmers; as well as a way of being able to produce enough nutritional food to feed a growing world population.

“Industrial agricultural systems dependent on fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources, such as mineral fertilisers, will be replaced with low input systems that rely on natural capital available to us within our soils and nature,” she says.
Humus compost also puts farmers one step ahead because of its ability to restore or enhance biological activity in the soil. Humus compost holds the pieces of a sustainable soil fertility system together, meaning there is no more nutrient lockup and leaching of expensive minerals when humus is added to fertiliser programs.

Daly says, humus compost is the only product she knows that positively enhances all three nutritional aspects of the soil: the biological, physical and chemical nutrition. These are the keystones to balancing soil nutrition, building a diverse population of soil biology and improving soil structure.

Humus compost is available from YLAD Living Soils in 25kg bags, 1t bags, bulk trailer loads or bulk truck loads.

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