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YLAD Living Soils offer advice on how to capture the seasons growing potential from the start

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Ensuring plants start their life with a good balance of nutrients is essential to setting a high production potential.

Nutrients applied in a plant available form, and stay available throughout the season, are paramount to efficient nutrient and water use.

In a healthy living system the plant’s roots extract necessary nutrients by communication with the plant through the magic of photosynthesis. Approximately 30% of sugars (carbon) produced through photosynthesis are fed out through the root system to attract and multiply task specific microbes on a daily basis. This system allows the plant to communicate its nutritional needs to the soil life ahead of time ensuring these soil guardians make the necessary preparations so the plant may have exactly what it needs - on demand.

The greater the microbial population in the rhizosphere - the greater the amount and balance of nutrients extracted by the plant.

YLAD Living Soils ’ Bio TX Seeding program focuses on these premis by creating balanced living soils through combining the best of mineral, microbial and humus technology.

This provides broadacre farmers with the opportunity to improve germination rates and increase early root and shoot growth, leading to increased plant vigour and health.

BIO TX Seed Dressing is easily applied to seed at sowing to improve germination, delivering long chain humus polymers, a huge number and diversity of essential microbiology and micronutrients. This gives seedlings a kick-start and promotes early vigour and improved plant health.

Along with Bio TX Seed Dressing YLAD Living Soils also supply fertility blends tailored to individual requirements.
Broadcast and Down the Tube blends include any combination of organic and starter fertilisers, humates and trace minerals, humified compost and compost mineral blends.

Bio TX Seed Dressing can also be used as a root dip.

Humates prevent nutrient lock-up and leaching and provide a food source for soil biology.

They attract and multiply microbes and their humus and enzyme by-products to support and stimulate the plant throughout the growing season.

Huma-Tech stabilised SBoron Granules at five kilograms per hectare supply a good supply of boron in the root zone for the full crop cycle.

Based on natural processes YLAD Living Soils Bio TX Seed, Stubble and Leaf range carries the same integrity of humus, microbial diversity and minerals as the high quality and value humified compost.

Humus Compost is a natural high quality product that YLAD Living Soils has brought and taught to an exponentially growing number of farmers and agriculturalists across Australia and New Zealand for over two years.

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