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Environmentally sound farming and responsible waste resource management
14.01.2010 - YLAD Living Soils are committed to education on the positive impact they can have on improving soil carbon levels and fertility, growing more nutritious food and managing waste residues.
YLAD Living Soils bring farmers hope for a successful cropping season
13.01.2010 - YLAD Living Soils support CANFA by attending their annual Field Day which covers all aspects of soil management, minimum and no tillage systems and new innovative ideas to improve cropping systems.
Humified compost provides answers
12.01.2010 - Rhonda and Bill Daly, principals of YLAD Living Soils in Young, NSW, enlighten growers of the many benefits of humus soil fertility and humified compost.
YLAD Living Soils offer advice on how to capture the seasons growing potential from the start
11.01.2010 - Ensuring plants start their life with a good balance of nutrients is essential to setting a high production potential.
Low cost microbial liquid fertilisers an ideal option for higher returns
08.01.2010 - There are a growing number of innovative farmers throughout Australia integrating microbial liquid injection into their cropping regime.
Humus Compost plays role in creating soil structure
07.01.2010 - Compost is the single most indispensable input in ensuring good soil structure in plant production, healthy root development, soil biological activity, nutrient retention, erosion control and moisture
YLAD Living Soils offer advice on fertiliser options
06.01.2010 - According to YLAD Living Soils, foliar feeding crops can help to achieve the highest production potential and to preparing pastures for optimum spring growth.
Farming 2020 and Beyond - YLAD Living Soils Field Day
30.12.2009 - The 2009 YLAD Living Soil annual field day, Farming 2020 and Beyond, took place in October in Young.
Carbon and the rural economy
29.12.2009 - The coming carbon restrained economy will deliver greater responsibility for how we use our available natural resources, and will drive sustainability in innovation.
YLAD Living Soils Field Day a carbon neutral event
28.12.2009 - Carbon off-setting is a way to reduce or compensate for the production of greenhouse gas emissions.
Australia in the Red
25.12.2009 - The massive dust storms which turned eastern Australia red recently showed many Australians the seriousness of the environmental degradation of our landscape.
World Authority to speak on Humus Technology
24.12.2009 - Edwin Blosser, President of Midwest Bio-Systems, speaks on how active carbon, found in humus compost, improves soil health to promote plant production and water retention during drought conditions.
YLAD Living Soils research shows humus compost mineral blends improve soil heath
23.12.2009 - After comprehensive testing, YLAD Living Soils can recommend humus compost mineral blends as the quickest, most cost effective method of achieving a soft tilthy soil where roots can penetrate and grow
YLAD Living Soils take active role in The Land Restoration Imperative
22.12.2009 - YLAD Living Soils realise that the need to take action to save the environment has never been more critical than it is now, however widespread uncertainty about what should be done is impeding progres
YLAD Living Soils bring life back to soil with humus compost
21.12.2009 - Over the past eight years YLAD Living Soils have advocated managing soils in a more environmentally sustainable manner by using humus soil amendments to build fertility and bring life to tired, deplet
YLAD Living Soils outline the production process of humus compost
18.12.2009 - YLAD Living Soils believes that humus compost is one of the most cost effective ways of improving soil health and fertility with improved productivity.
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