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Paddock sales of Yalgoo Merino Stud

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Yalgoo Merino Stud  breed wool Merinos for commercial purposes. Commercial sheep and cattle breeders, Yalgoo Merino Stud sell ewes, rams and wethers. Yalgoo Merino Stud provide stock varieties, sheep and cattle to their customers in Australia.

Yalgoo Merino Stud supply 1.5 year old ewes and wethers, and 6.5-year-old ewes. Yalgoo Merino Stud provide quality sheep for breeding and selling purposes. The 420 is a kind of sheep with traits such as a large frame, plain body, and long staple wool with a distinctive bold crimp. The progeny test results of the 420 sire has proved that it is a quality sire for commercial and breeding purposes.

Yalgoo Merino Stud’s 377 sheep comprises soft and elite fleece. The 377 also produces steady offspring. Wethers from Yalgoo Merino Stud have offered optimum performance in both rainfall-prone regions and pastoral zones since 1985. The wethers have always obtained good results in wether trails of Australia.

Yalgoo Merino Stud also produce adult sheep with 13-micron ultrafine wool, with no compromise on wool strength and weight. Yalgoo Merino Stud breed cattle and sheep by reducing the fibre diameter and enhancing the fleece weight.

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