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Sire selection process of Yalgoo Merino Stud

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Yalgoo Merino Stud  are commercial cattle and sheep breeders that produce 16–micron wool. As Yalgoo Merino Stud use sires from their own herd and from outside, they focus on the selection process. Yalgoo Merino Stud have developed different parameters in choosing their sires.

Objective measurement is the main tool of Yalgoo Merino Stud in choosing stud sires. Based on the drawn parameters, Yalgoo Merino Stud test all their rams and ewes, marking them on a selection index. Each adult sire must maintain a certain level of traits to be retained. The mean fibre diameter must equalize -3.0 micron and the body weight must be +0.2 kilogram.

The CV of the fibre diameter of Yalgoo Merino Stud sires must be -2.0 and the clean fleece weight must be -0.1. Yalgoo Merino Stud focus on the improvement of the fleece weight, while reducing the fibre diameter. This is done for the profit of their clients.

The staple length of the wool must be 2 millimetres and its staple strength must be -0.2. In Yalgoo Merino Stud, the style of one grade must be of 10 per cent.

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