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Feminine females and muscular bulls from Yamburgan Shorthorns

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Established in 1947, Yamburgan Shorthorns  are commercial cattle breeders. Yamburgan Shorthorns sell females with good feminine features and mothering abilities. Cows of Yamburgan Shorthorns are bred both by Artificial Insemination methods and naturally. Female cow families at Yamburgan Shorthorns include Kayleen, Jill, Matilda, Viola, Ingrid, Margaret, Cloudy, Mayflower, Connie, Fidget, Kay, Maree, Rosewood, Moira and other commercial cows.

In addition to sires and females, Yamburgan Shorthorns sell strong and muscular bulls with complete physical fitness. Yamburgan Shorthorns evaluate each of their bulls with semen tests and vibrio vaccination. Yamburgan Shorthorns focus on features such as strong muscular content and marbling traits of their bulls, while breeding their animals with competence and feasibility. Bulls of Yamburgan Shorthorns exhibit characteristics such as easy fleshing and strong muscles.

Yamburgan Shorthorns maintain a Breedplan, which provides them with possibilities of hastening the genetic progress of their herds. The Breedplan helps to estimate the Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) for different kinds of traits in the cattle. Yamburgan Shorthorns utilise the GeneStar, a DNA marbling test to diagnose major genes in the animals. However, the GeneStar marble testing technology is in its preliminary stage.

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