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Sires from Yamburgan Shorthorns

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Yamburgan Shorthorns  deal with cattle breeding and supply semen, females and bulls to the Australian market. Yamburgan Shorthorns concentrate on various traits such as mothering abilities and structural fitness. 

Sires sold by Yamburgan Shorthorns include Weebollabolla Whitie, The Grove New Legend, Naralda Aladdin, Yamburgan Sambo 5th, Weebollabolla Theodore, Yamburgan Diamantina 20th, The Grove Lockyer, Yamburgan Dazzler 16th, Yamburgan Mittiebah 3rd, Moreton Bay 0047, The Grove Oscar and Dunbeacon ASX. 

Yamburgan Sambo 5th is a quality calf, that has performed from its progeny stage. Calves of the Sambo 5th are thick and calm, with quality hindquarters and toplines. Diamantina 20th sire is a top Quilpie son with a soft and muscular body, bred by Yamburgan Shorthorns. Its dam, Jill 145th, has good milking abilities and udders. 

The Grove Lockyer of Yamburgan Shorthorns stud sire is capable of breeding quality females and bulls. It has won the Grand Champion title at the Brisbane Royal Show 2005. Yamburgan Shorthorns bought Weebollabolla Whitie for its softness, growth, structural correctness and maternal traits. The qualities of the Dunbeacon ASX include minimal birth weight, slick skin, sire line and carcass attributes.

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