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Plant Fertilizers with Essential minerals developing the strongest, healthiest food that is very rich in nutrients. We help farmers produce abundant high-quality foodwithout compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own food needs


Supplier news
15/09/08 - Yara Australia manufacture and supply animal nutrition products. These products include animal feed phosphates and animal feed acids. Major feed producers form the chief client base of Yara Australia.
Supplier news
12/09/08 - Yara Australia manufacture and supply industrial gases and chemicals globally. Yara Australia deal with five sectors including food and beverage, environment and technical nitrates for the civil explosive sector.
Supplier news
11/09/08 - Yara Australia are the leading suppliers of plant nutrients in the form of mineral fertilisers and provide services through their sales and distribution network.

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201 Miller St
North Sydney
NSW 2060
Tel: 02 9959 4266
Fax: 02 6659 4050

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