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Animal feed products from Yara Australia

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Yara Australia  manufacture and supply animal nutrition products. These products include animal feed phosphates and animal feed acids. Major feed producers form the chief client base of Yara Australia. Yara Australia supply their animal feed phosphates under different trading names such as Bolifor and Kynophos.

Yara Australia carefully choose the raw materials used for their products and hygienically process them in their own production facilities. Yara Australia assure quality minerals and nutrients for easy digestion.

With the availability of macro minerals, Yara Australia provide feed phosphates that can be used as feed minerals for a variety of animals such as horses, pigs, ruminants, fish, poultry and pets. Feed phosphates produced and supplied by Yara Australia include magnesium supplements and inorganic phosphates. The feed products help animals to be healthy and prolific in their growth, resulting in the proper formation of bones and muscles.

Along with animal feed phosphates, Yara Australia provide animal feed acids. These acidifiers control bacteria, thereby, making the digestion process easier. This results in a strong, well-built animal. Yara Australia‚Äôs Bolifor animal feed acidifiers include anti-microbial feed stabilisers and acidifying mineral complements like premix, compound feed and home mixing.

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