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Yara Australia offers gas and chemicals

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Yara Australia  manufacture and supply industrial gases and chemicals globally. Yara Australia deal with five sectors including food and beverage, environment and technical nitrates for the civil explosive sector. Yara Australia also provide N-chemicals and industrial gases for the processing and manufacturing industries.

In terms of the gas supply, Yara Australia serve different industries such as welding, cutting, metal production, calibration, beer and soft drink manufacturing, water treatment, chilling and freezing, and manufacturing and packing of food items. Some of the varieties of gas supplied by Yara Australia are industrial gas, carbon dioxide, welding gas, food gas, medical gas and speciality gas.

Yara Australia provide sample chemicals and N-chemicals like urea, nitric acid, ammonia and calcium nitrate. Other chemicals supplied by Yara Australia include calcium chloride, sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxide.

In addition to gas and chemical supply, Yara Australia provide solutions and technical support to protect the environment from natural and artificial calamities. These solutions range from wastewater treatment and extraction of NOx emission to blast cleaning. Yara Australia supply speciality gases to sustain environmental control. Animal nutrition products, supplied by Yara Australia, are animal feed phosphates and animal feed acids.

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