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Artificial Insemination programmes from Yarram Park Genetics

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Yarram Park Genetics  supply bulls and females that are bred with the help of fine breeding processes. Yarram Park Genetics offer their genetic packages and bulls all through the year. Yarram Park Genetics guarantee the performance of their sires and their progeny tests.

Yarram Park Genetics assure customers that their bulls will provide optimum production, thereby enhancing the quality of the entire herd. The trials conducted by Yarram Park Genetics before selling their bulls include the IGM Progeny Test, ICM Feedlot Trial, Genetics Australia Progeny Test, MSA Steer Carcase Trial and Cooperative Research Centre Carcase Quality Trial.

Yarram Park Genetics' bulls are bred based on their constitution, ability and easy management. Due to their tough ability, most of the Yarram Park Genetics bulls are used in harsh conditions in places such as Western New South Wales and Western Australia.

With a team of experienced members, Yarram Park Genetics assist their customers in setting up their own Artificial Insemination programme and suggest suitable bulls, depending on the customers’ facilities and requirements. Breeding objectives of Yarram Park Genetics are in line with individual breeders.

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