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NLIS Tag retention starts with application

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NLIS Tag retention has undoubtedly been a challenge for the NLIS scheme. The quality and integrity of the actual tag is a major determinant in retention rates. But according to Zee Tags General Manager, Ben Martin farmers also have a vital role to play in the success of their NLIS tags staying in.

Martin claims that retention starts with correct application. NLIS tags need to be applied accurately between the two major cartilages in the ear and closer in towards the head.

Another important aspect of correct application is not tearing the ears of cattle, especially in the softer ears of younger stock. 

Zee Tags Australia offer a patented NLIS applicator with a dual protection system that ensures producers can’t tear ears. The applicator features a snap-back head and flick-out pin so farmers can focus on the correct positioning of the tag. They needn't worry about the fast release of the applicator or being caught up in a dangerous position.

This ease of application combines with Zee Tags durability to ensure the new Zee Tags NLIS tag has high levels of retention and readability.

In their recent 12 month trial the new Zee Tags NLIS tag attained industry-leading retention rates and outperformed the MLA protocol requirements.

The Zee Tags NLIS tag achieved a 99.4% retention rate in a thorough independent trial conducted in various harsh commercial cattle environments and conditions. 1700 cattle were tagged in the June 2009 trial and only one tag was lost in the six-month period.

A 100% reading success rate was delivered and nil infections were recorded within 1699 retained tags.

Mark Peters, Sales Manager Northern Australia for Zee Tags says their new NLIS tag combines retention, readbility, durability and flexibility.

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