Thermal Boards and Wall Cladding with Excellent Weather Resistant Properties from Abbey Thermalboards

Before- Run down rural barns can be completely rejuvenated
Before- Run down rural barns can be completely rejuvenated
Before- Run down rural barns can be completely rejuvenated After - Cladding adds both value and protection to your structures After - Abbey's Thermal Boards and Cladding is perfect for sheds and barns Before application of Abbey Constructions Thermal Boards and Cladding

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Thermal Boards and Cladding systems

Specialising in heavy duty Cladding and Thermal Boards, Abbey Thermalboards have been servicing Queensland and Northern NSW since 1981. These extremely durable and robust cladding materials have been evaluated as suitable for use in volatile Australian tropical cyclone areas (Wind Classification C4). No homes or structures fitted with Abbey’s Cladding Systems were damaged during Cyclone Larry which peaked at 320k/h. The range of Thermal Boards and Cladding systems are ideal for sheds, barns and houses.

Cost effective cladding solutions with DIY options

House Cladding provides a cost effective option for renovating or modifying the exterior of any house or farm shed.
  • House Cladding is available in stone, wood, UPVC, composite materials and concrete with colour options to suit
  • House Cladding is ideal for contractors and DIY projects
Enhance structural integrity with weatherproof cladding
Wall Cladding is designed to cover an existing construction material for the purpose of insulating, protecting and weatherproofing.
  • Wall cladding is available in a number of different materials including UPVC, which  is a plastic composite material that is ideal for harsh weather environments
  • Wall Cladding can be used for both internal and external  applications
Durable Cladding systems are perfect for adverse weather conditions
  • External Cladding is ideal for protection for adverse weather conditions including rain, snow, extreme heat and wind
  • Thermal Boards feature excellent insulation properties and in turn result in less energy consumption by drastically reducing the need for heating/ air conditioning
  • Vinyl Cladding is known for its aesthetic appeal and well as its weatherproof properties and is constructed from resilient and recyclable polymers which provide an eco friendly solution
  • Exterior Cladding features waterproof layers, sealant and flashing materials that protect against moisture, wind and UV damage
All of Abbey's Thermal Boards have been tested in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand S4256.4 Manufacturing Standards and by the Building Code of Australia. These impressive Cladding materials provide the ideal solution for your agricultural cladding requirements.
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