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Accuweigh Batch Weigher totalising grain In SA ship loading

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A Batch Weigher was recently commissioned for a South Australian Grain Handling Facility. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Port Adelaide branch, the Batch Weigher is used to automatically totalise grain loading into ships.

Accuweigh ’s Batch Weigher is operating as a DATH Weigher (Discontinuous Automatic Totalising Hopper) to automatically control the flow of product through a weigh hopper to achieve a target total weight. Accuweigh’s DATH Weigher Batch Controller is certified for Trade Use to allow large volumes of product to be accurately weighed to less than a 0.1% weighing error.

Typically using in Batch Weighing applications such as loading ships with a high priced commodity such as grain. The operator enters the required Total Target Weight (50,000t) and the nominal weigh hopper cycle weight (25t) and then initiates the weighing process. The DATH Weigher automatically fills the weigh hopper to 25t from an overhead surge hopper, closes the fill gates, takes a weight reading, discharges the product into a waiting hopper below and initiates another weighing cycle.

The process is automatically repeated until the total target weight remaining is less than three further hopper fillings (>75t) upon which the DATH Batch Weigher automatically stops and re-assigns the target weight for three equal remaining drops.  The Batch Weighing is closely monitored and on the final drop, the DATH Weigher stops short of target and pulses the fill gates to eliminate any potential in-flight errors in a bid to achieve the exact total target required (50,000t).

Trade Approved DATH Batch Weighers must be tested dynamically (like an approved beltweigher) but can achieve far higher weighing accuracy with only a minor impact on product loading times. Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and has extensive industry experience with all types of scales and weighing equipment.

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