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The Aeration Manager from Aeration Control Australia

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The Aeration Manager from Aeration Control Australia is an effective solution for grain aeration control.

Aeration is a common and flexible grain storage tool which is currently experiencing increased demand. Aeration systems pump air through a grain bulk using an arrangement of ducts, exhaust vents and fans.

The aeration air is selected from the local ambient air with an automatic controller for reliable results. It can be used for drying, cooling or ensuring safe long-term storage and applied to all grain types.

Each Aeration Manager is equipped with the control inputs and outputs for eight silos as standard. Each silo can store a different type of grain and as such the control outputs are fully individual. To ensure that fans are operating when requested, each fan (or set of fans) is provided with a feedback signal input.

The control of the grain is based on information entered during loading:

  • Tonnage
  • Oil content (if applicable)
  • Weather data gathered throughout the storage period
  • Temperature
  • Moisture
With this information the controller can move towards the target temperature and/or grain moisture as set by the end user.

Each Aeration Manager is three controllers in one. They allow for drying, cooling and maintenance of the grain (in that order) and they allow for fully automatic transition between the three stages.

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