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The rope operated feeding system supplied by AGFECS

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article image Rope operated feeder from AGFECS

The rope operated feeding system from AGFECS is activated using pulleys, wire rope and a handle.

The AGFECS feed dispenser is manufactured from 1.6 galvanised sheet and has been can be easily accessed internally to ensure easy maintenance.

Benefits of the AGFECS rope operated feed dispenser:

  • Feed can be measured and dispensed accurately
  • Quantity dispensed is easy to adjust
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Can be installed within an existing dairy infrastructure such as grain transport systems, stall gates, headlocks and rapid exit systems ;and
  • System has potential to be updated to solenoid or computer control later.
The aim of the AGFECS is to produce the maximum quantity of milk from the minimum of amount grain by feeding more grain to the high producers and less to the low producers.

AGFECS has installed thousands of feed dispensers throughout Australia that have been extensively tested with proven results.

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