Presswheels To Suit All Seeding Conditions By Agmaster


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Agmaster provide a complete range of Presswheels suited to all kinds of soil conditions so that the right Presswheels can be found to match your requirements. 

Using Presswheels for planting will ensure appropriate seed soil contact resulting in quicker germination and  accelerated plat establishment. 

Lightweight and robust
There are many features and benefits of the Agmaster Presswheels including:

  • For independent pressure they are individually mounted
  • Adjustable down pressure
  • Mounted to a false bar behind the last rank of the seeding tines
  • Semi pneumatic tyres for soil shedding
  • When no longer needed, they can be lifted and locked
  • Weigh only 10kg
  • Greasable hubs
Agmaster provide 4 different types of tyre to match their Presswheels for different soil conditions, seeding boot styles and finishes.  

20mm Wedge Tyre- Deeper sowing in black soils
70mm ā€œVā€ Tyre- General purpose in mixed soil types
95mm ā€œVā€ Tyre- Wide press on light sand soils
50mm Flat Tyre- Crumbles sides of narrow slot

Range of Mounting Options
Fixed Extension Arm- this extension arm is ideally used when Presswheels remain unchanged with an ability to use an adaptor plate to be welded to the end of the main arm to add harrows in combination. 

Fixed Extension Arm with double dropper- this arm is used along with the 'Fixed Extension Arm' in short sections of folding machines- 7" or less with up to 10 Presswheels.

Telecarrier Arm- this Presswheel arm can be used when Presswheels are interchangeable with harrows. Up to 10 Presswheels per arm.

Mount Bar- this bar is firmly fixed to the ends of arms for Presswheels to mount. 65X65X4RHS.

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