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AgNova ‘Fetrilon-Combi’ Micronutrient Crop Fertilisers

AgNova offers a micronutrient crop fertiliser called Fetrilon-Combi which is a premium formulation containing a proven blend of the key micronutrients required by many crops. 

Micronutrient deficiencies can limit horticultural production in the same way that macronutrient deficiencies can. 

Cost effective foliar safeguard
Fetrilon-Combi is a highly effective fertiliser to protect against micronutrient deficiency in all crops.
  • This crop fertiliser consists of dust-free micro-granular formulation, which means easier mixing and rapid and total solubility
  • The nutrients in Fetrilon Combi are fully chelated with EDTA, which protects against premature fixation and ensures the plant can absorb and utilise the nutrients rapidly
  • Comprehensive blend of key micronutrients to optimise yield potential
  • Flexible application which saves time and application costs

Optimum crop yield and quality
The fertiliser prevents and cures micronutrient deficiencies from:
  • Citrus Crops
  • Tropical Fruit Crops
  • Pome Fruit Crops
  • Stone Fruit Crops
  • Grapevines
  • Leaf Vegetable Crops
  • Root Crops
  • Cereal Crops
  • Fibre Plants
  • Fodder Plants
  • Oil Plants
Deficiencies in intensively managed crops can be difficult to identify and may not be visible. One deficiency often covers a multitude of micronutrient problems.

Fast and effective
Fetrilon-Combi's high nutrient concentration, excellent solubility and proven efficacy has secured it's reputation as the leader amongst chelated trace element foliar fertilisers.

The free-flowing, dust-free microgranule fertiliser is a user-friendly cost effective treatment to safeguard and optimise crop yield with little or no waste.
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