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Gino DeStefani "lightning did a really good job suppressing the nutgrass"
Gino DeStefani "lightning did a really good job suppressing the nutgrass"
Gino DeStefani "lightning did a really good job suppressing the nutgrass" For higher yields James Vince of Lambrook Pastoral-achieved 7.0 t/ha from a dryland crop of P1813-IT last season Lightning Herbicide to control broadleaf and grass weeds

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Lightning Herbicide

Broad Spectrum weed control with one pass
Lightning Herbicide is a broad spectrum herbicide, with season long residual control of broadleaf weeds and hard to kill grasses. Other key features include:

  • Early post emergent weed control means higher yield potential
  • Simple to use, highly concentrated WDG formulation    
  • Stable in soil and does not leach
Effectively controls Broadleaf and Grass weeds
Lightning Herbicide will efficiently control or suppress the following broadleaf and grass weeds within maize crop.

  • Boggabri weed   
  • Turnip weed 
  • Anoda weed
  • Barnyard weed  
  • Caustic creeper
  • Crowsfoot grass
  • Johnson Grass (seedling only)
  • Ground cherry
  • Wild gooseberry
  • Nutgrass

Gino DeStefani of Whyalla Feedlots at Texas in southern Queenland said Pioneer® hybrid P1813-IT was planted last season and Lightning herbicide sprayed across the crop. “This is the home of Johnson grass but we had nothing in the crop at all,” he said. “If we had conventional corn the Johnson grass would be as high and as thick as the corn.Gino DeStefani of Southern Queensland states: “It has certainly convinced me to go back with an IT variety this year. Lightning did a really good job suppressing the nutgrass as well.”He said the success of P1813-IT meant it will be utilised more in an attempt to clean-up problem weeds from the paddocks over a number of seasons. Mr DeStefani said the corn was harvested at approximately 28 % moisture as high moisture grain and stored in a silage pit to be utilised on the feedlot.

James Vince of Lambrook Pastoral, Mullaley in central New South Wales achieved 7.0 t/ha from a dryland crop of P1813-IT last season. It was the first crop of corn grown by Mr Vince , who chose P1813-IT to clean up a Johnston grass weed problem. Mr Vince was very happy with the control of Johnston grass in-crop with Lightning and was also pleased with the yield and quality of the grain from P1813-IT which gave better returns than his grain sorghum crop that year.

For more information on Lightning Herbicide visit the Agnova website.
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