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Zeba Soil Enhancers

Soil Enhancers
Zeba Soil Enhancers, available from AgNova Technologies, is a highly effective soil amendment product that absorbs and releases water as required by your plants.

Tests have shown that Zeba soil enhancers facilitate consistently higher volume yields and improved quality produce.

Zeba soil enhancers successfully maximise the rate of germination and seedling establishment. Soil crusting is also controlled by maintaining soil surface moisture levels.

Zeba Soil Enhancers Features
  • Zeba soil enhancers are starch based and biodegradable to USDA standards
  • An organically derived product made from corn starch
  • Highly absorbent, soaking up to 400 times its weight in water
  • Has a life span of approximately one year and effectively hydrates and re-hydrates over that period
  • Makes soil more porous, maximising the movement of water and oxygen
  • Incredibly multi purpose and versatile

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