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AgNova ‘Bladex’ Weed Herbicides

Weed Control Products
AgNova offers an effective weed herbicide products for weed control called Bladex

Bladex is a selective herbicide for weed control in peas, chickpeas, faba beans, vetch, lentils, potatoes, onions and sweetcorn.

Highly selective weed control 
The weed herbicide can be used to control weeds in various vegetable and field crops.

  • Effective in weed removal solution
  • Good contact activity plus 4 to 10 weeks control of a wide range of broadleaf and grass weeds
  • Good crop safety
  • Short persistence with low potential for plant back issues
  • Compatible with many tank mix partners
  • This weed herbicide product can be used in conventional sowing or in direct drill and retained stubble situations
  • Easy to use or apply
  • Safe on crops

Bladex effectively helps control growth in broadleaf and grass weeds from an extensive range of vegetable and field crops.

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