Bloat Ade for Legume Bloat Control from Agricon Products

Bloat Ade Block
Bloat Ade Block

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Bloat Ade (Legume Bloat Control)

Agricon Products supplies various types of animal nutrition products for livestock, including Bloat Ade which is a palatable molasses based block that contains alcohol ethoxylate 12A23, suitable for feeding to cattle on legume based pastures where bloat is a risk.

Legume bloat happens when cattle or sheep consume highly digestible bloat prone legumes. The soluble leaf proteins produce a stable foam that will prevent valves from releasing gases from the rumen. Bloat Ade contains alcohol ethoxylate which will break down the foam and allow gas to pass.

Extremely palatable based formulation
  • Easy administration
  • No need for individual dosing of livestock
  • Containing 10% alcohol with correct levels of bloat preventative ethoxylate 12A23
  • Convenient and simple pasture management method
Recommended daily intake
  • 100g p/head p/day
  • A 20kg block will last 10 cattle approx. 20 days
Bloat Ade is available in 20kg block sizes.
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