Calcifort Molasses Blocks from Agricon Products

Preventing calcium deficiencies in your livestock
Preventing calcium deficiencies in your livestock
Preventing calcium deficiencies in your livestock Boosting essential health in your livestock Calcifort from Agricon Products

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Calcifort Molasses Blocks, Calcifort +10 Molasses Blocks with urea

Dependable energy in a nutritious and palatable formula, Calcifort from Agricon Products delivers high quality performance to improve calcium levels in livestock.

Califort protects your precious livestock and is also infused with optimal vitamin A levels to boost fertility.

Complete livestock health care with Calicifort
  • Prevents susceptibility of Bighead in horse
  • Quality defence against calcium deficiencies
  • Guards against mineral deficiencies on stubble and low quality pastures
Highly nutritious Calcifort +10 calcium and molasses urea block
  • Effective supplement for grazing stubble for cattle, goats and sheep
  • High performance supplement when pasture quality is poor
Recommended daily intake
  • Cattle- 100-200 grams per head per day
  • Sheep and Goats- 20-40 grams per head per day
  • Horses- 300 grams per head per day of Calcifort only
An economical solution bursting with nutritional benefits, Calcifort is available in 20kg and 40kg pack sizes to suit your agricultural requirements.
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