Optigro 7 Molasses Blocks with Urea from Agricon Products

High performance animal nutrition with Optigro 7 20kg
High performance animal nutrition with Optigro 7 20kg
High performance animal nutrition with Optigro 7 20kg Optigro 7 40kg from Agricon Products helps you look after you investment Safe and edible packaging make Optigro 7 an efficient solution to your livestock nutrition

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Optigro 7 Molasses Blocks with Urea

Efficient release of essential nutrients to promote healthy livestock, Optigro 7 from Agricon Products ensures consistent growth for quality livestock. 

Suitable for immediate use, Optigro 7 with Urea is available in 20kg, 40kg, 100kg and 1000kg pack sizes for your agricultural requirements.

Formulated from cottonseed meal for less reliance on urea for consistent growth
Other benefits include:
  • Credible source of protein for ewes during “hayed off” pasture seasons
  • Prevents cattle weight loss during undesirable pasture qualities
  • Cultivating strong bones contains optimal levels of phosphorus and calcium for young livestock
  • Packaged in edible cardboard carton for ease 
  • Quality reassured with ISO9001 Certification from EQAS
Manufacturer’s recommended daily intake
  • Sheep and Goat- 10- 50 grams per head
  • Cattle- 100-300 grams per head
High performance Optigro 7 facilitates healthy livestock further by containing calcium and trace minerals for a complete nutritional solution.

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