Phosmix Pasture and Paddock Supplements from Agricon Products

Phosmix's revolutionary blend of phosphorus and essential minerals support your livestock
Phosmix's revolutionary blend of phosphorus and essential minerals support your livestock

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Phosmix, Phosmix10/20, Phosmix Salt Free

Comprehensive nutrient technology, Phosmix offers high performance supplements for livestock in phosphorus deficient pastures.

Phosphorus and mineral supplements increase growth and strong bone development 
Other high performance benefits include:
  • Aids reproduction by reinvigorating phosphorus lost in milk production
  • Assists artificial insemination breeding by regulating cycles for higher fertility rates
  • Efficient phosphorus levels increase of calf drop from 50% to 80%
  • Alleviates risk of Bran Disease in horses with reduced calcium deficiencies for use in exotic grass paddocks
  • Reduces incidences of Botulism in cattle for healthy produce
  • Available in 25 kg bag for wider agricultural applications
Daily intake advice as per Manufacturer’s recommendation
Phosmix and Phosmix Salt Free
  • Cattle- 60-100g per head daily
  • Lactating cows- 150-200g per head daily
  • Weaners- 60g per headdaily
  • Lactating mares- 200- 250g per head daily
Phosmix 10/20
  • Lactating cows- 100-150g per head daily
  • Lactating mares- 160-200g per head daily
  • Dry cows- 50-75g per head daily
  • Foals- 50-80g per head daily
Effective feed ingestion in ruminants for quality results, this palatable phosphorus blend of supplements delivers reliable health support for your livestock.
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