Wetphos Molasses Blocks with Urea from Agricon Products

Enhanced salt formula, Wetphos increases calving rates
Enhanced salt formula, Wetphos increases calving rates
Enhanced salt formula, Wetphos increases calving rates Waterproof Wetphos improves phosphorus health in cattle during wet season Ready for immediate use, edible packing reduced clean up and disposal

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Wetphos 5, Wetphos 15 Molasses Blocks with urea

Eliminating crippling phosphorus deficiencies in cattle, sheep and goats, Wetphos improves calving levels and health of your animals.

Promoting efficient feed intake, Wetphos ensures your animals receive the quality health they need to grow.

Nutritious energy source from power formula of molasses, cottonseed meal and protein for high performance results

Other proven benefits include:
  • Low salt formula for water resilience and maximised growth rate leading into wet season
  • Reduces bone chewing and botulism
  • Difficult for animals to excessively consume
  • Increased calving rate, lower chances of abortions and mortality in calves
  • Prepared in edible cardboard containers for easy application
Manufacturer’s recommended daily intake
  • Dry Cows- 60-100 grams per head per day
  • Lactating Cows- 150-200 grams per head per day
  • Growing Stock- 40-60 grams per head per day
Palatable phosphorus supplements for your cattle, blocks can be customised to suit your requirements.
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