Ahrens Rural Silos for Bulk Seed Storage

by Ahrens

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Silos - 8 tonne to 30,000 tonne

Ahrens manufactures a diverse range of Australian made steel silos and come standard with a number of safety features, ensuring the safety of the operators and meeting tighter regulations being introduced throughout Australia.

Sherwell Silos with design variations to suit specific needs

  • Sherwell Transportable Silos 16.5-73 tonne
  • Sherwell Built-on-site Silos 110-152 tonne
  • Scafco Built-on-site Silos 200-612 tonne
  • Scafco Flat Bottom Silos 750-10,000 tonne
  • Sherwell Seed and Feed Silos 5-16 tonne
  • Sherwell Fertiliser Silos 30-85m³Aeration and Moisture Control
  • Storage silos
  • Drying silos
  • Cone bottom silos
  • Grain silos

The Sherwell range of silos are durable and have proven the quality over the past 30 years, while the Scafco silos have established their quality having been tried and tested for over 45 years in 66 countries.
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