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Fully hydraulic driven super bins from Allquip - Conquest Group

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Super bins from Allquip - Conquest Group are fully hydraulic driven grain bins, equipped with two remote controlled discharge augers each delivering in excess of 1 tonne per minute.

Features of these super bins with hydraulic augers include:

  • simultaneously auger operation
  • fingertip manual control
  • strategically placed motor for increased balance and noise reduction
  • roll tarp with captive centre rail
  • Kohler 27 HP petrol motor with dual hydraulic pump and totally separate front and rear systems.
  • sturdy, engine contolled, RHS under carriage for strength
  • easily accessible control panel
  • stainless steel hydraulic lines (where possible); and
  • stainless steel auger barrels.
The discharge augers on these super bins are between 3m and 5m long, while the height from the base to the tip when the auger is out is 3.1m.

Finished with a quality two pack polyurethane envelope coating system, these super bins are fully guarded to Australian standards and are very easy to clean between grains.

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