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Allstock develops software for the livestock industry

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Allstock  is a company which deals with livestock breeding. This company was formed in 2000 and it deals with semen services, artificial breeding technology, livestock identification systems and software pertaining to the livestock industry.

Allstock has experience in breeding and it shows expertise in semen freezing, artificial insemination and embryo transfer. Various artificial breeding techniques for livestock have also been refined and developed by Allstock.

Allstock also offers the Woolpak software for livestock management. LambPak and WoolPlus software have also been developed by Allstock and these software have advanced reporting and sheep recording features. The technologies and software developed by Allstock have received recognition from ‘Royal Sydney Show Software Competition.’

Information from Allstock can also exported in a spreadsheet for further analysis. Breeders can also maintain sales record, full client list, invoice and so on using the technologies offered by Allstock.

Tags and transponders offered by Allstock include electronic tags and identification products which are available in various colours. Tag reminder service is also offered by Allstock and various brands are available including Tally Tags, Stockbrand, Leader, AllFlex and so on.

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