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Artificial insemination semen processing procedures from Allstock

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Allstock  offers artificial insemination and semen processing services for livestock. Embryo transfer is also undertaken by Allstock. Artificial insemination enables the enhancement of a breeding flock. Cervical and laparoscopic artificial insemination is carried out by Allstock.

The artificial insemination procedure carried out by Allstock uses a pipette and a speculum to deposit semen directly into the cervix. Since diluted semen is used large number of livestock can be inseminated at a given time.

Laparoscopic artificial insemination offered by Allstock involves a minor surgical procedure. Here the semen is directly deposited in the uterus of an animal. This procedure is useful for genetic improvements. This artificial insemination procedure maximises conception rate. Limited input of clients is used and even frozen semen can be used for this procedure.

Embryo transfer is another procedure offered by Allstock. This involves the programming of donors and the recipients. The ewes are stimulated using teasers after which this procedure is carried out by Allstock. Superior genetics is ensured as donor and recipient can be selected accordingly. This also increases the number of lambs produced from the best ewes.

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