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Anglomoil's Diesel Engine Oils

Manufacturing a range of high performance and specialty lubricants, Angomoil’s range of Diesel Engine Oils provide superior performance and meet the highest international standards.

The Roadmaster DEO 5W30 provides excellent fuel efficiency and improved frictional characteristics

  • Ultra High performance synthetic engine oil
  • Recommended for turbo-charged and intercooled direct injection high performance light diesel engines
  • Available in 20L and 200L

Anglomoil Roadmaster 100 15W/40 is in compliance with the latest Euro 4 exhaust emission legislation

  • Ideal for smaller diesel trucks
  • Recommended for use in older models of earthmoving, buses, road transport and farm machinery
  • Suitable for use in all European heavy duty diesel engines
  • Available in 20L and 200L

Angomoil’s Roadmaster 300 API CF-2 Monograde range of engine oils provide great wear resistance

  • Provides engine cleanliness
  • Recommended for use in fleets of older vehicles and earth moving equipment
  • Suitable for turbo charged and naturally aspirated diesel and petrol engines
  • Available in 20L and 200L

The Roadmaster 300 combines the requirements of American low emission diesel engines and Euro/Japanese preference

  • Excellent performance in latest petrol engines
  • Ideal for long distance trucking operations, earth moving machinery and passenger cars
  • Recommended for high speed turbo charged 4 stroke diesel engines
  • Suitable for European and Japanese high performance diesel engines
  • Available in 5L, 20L and 200L

Angomoil’s Roadmaster 400 CF/CI-4 was designed specifically to meet the requirements of modern European and Japanese engines

  • High detergency and alkalinity
  • Good petrol engine performance
  • Ideal for earthmoving machinery and heavy duty trucking services
  • Available in 20L and 200L

The Roadmaster 600 CJ-4 provides improved bearing protection and reduced piston deposits

  • Ideal for high performance diesel engines operating under severe conditions 
  • Available in 20L and 200L

Anglomoil’s Roadmaster 600 Euro utilizes advanced technology and synthetic base stock

  • Available in a SAE 10W/40 viscosity grade
  • Ideal for running under severe operating conditions
  • Lower overall running costs

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