Lubricants and Oils for Industrial Machinery by Anglomoil (Anglo Design)


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Oils and Lubricants

Anglomoil has been manufacturing industrial lubricants for machinery in Australia and New Zealand and Asia since the early 1980’s with oil industry experience dating back to 1955. They bring the most up to date lubrication technology to you and back it up with the service you demand. 

Premium and Food Grade Hydraulic Oils

  • Premium AW Hydraulic Oil  (Mineral Hydraulic Oil)
  • HVI Hydraulic Oils (Mineral High Viscosity Index Hydraulic Oil)
  • Hydraulic Oil T (Mineral Hydraulic with PTFE)
  • Hydraulic Oil HVI T (PTFE),
  • Hydraulic ZF (Zinc Free Mineral Hydraulic Oil) Synthetic Hydraulic Oil
  • Synthetic Food Grade Hydraulic Oil (NSF Registered) 

Machine Oils (Industrial Gear Oils) 

  • Machine Oil (Mineral Gear Oil)
  • Machine Oil WT (Water Tolerant Gear Oil)
  • IndSyn (Synthetic Gear Oil)
  • Gear –M (Mineral Moly Gear Oil)
  • Indsyn EP (Synthetic Extreme Pressure Gear Oil)
  • Synthetic Food Grade Gear Oil (NSF Registered).

Compressor Oils

  • Compressor S/R (Mineral Rotary Screw)
  • Compressor H/R (Mineral Reciprocating/Hydro Vane)
  • Compressor RCO (Synthetic Rotary Screw)
  • Synthetic Food Grade Compressor Oil (NSF Registered)

Anglo Design also provide a range of miscellaneous oils including vacuum pump oils, mould release oils, heat transfer oils, chain oils and industrial grease.

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