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Aqua-Tech Dam and Pond Sealer from Aqua-Tech AGRI

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Aqua-Tech Dam and Pond Sealer sealant systems from Aqua-Tech AGRI are specially formulated blends of super absorbent polymers designed to plug leaking dams and ponds.

The product can be simply applied by hand to the surface water of a dam or pond and can start working within 45 minutes with no need to empty the dam or pond of existing water.

The benefits of this Aqua-Tech Dam and Pond Sealer include:

  • seal creation without the minimal water loss
  • directly targeted dam treatment without having to treat the entire dam
  • cost effectiveness due to negating the need for earthmoving equipment 
  • application to full or partially full dams
  • simple application
  • biodegradable, non toxic and environmentally friendly
  • long life performance - once polymers are in place they become part of the dam structure and will take many years to breakdown.

Aqua-Tech Dam and Pond Sealer is supplied in 20kg drums which will treat the dam walls and base under about 267 sqm of dam water surface area.

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30/07/2013 - Unfortunately the product is not designed for this use. It has been designed for use in earthen dam and ponds situations.

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