Durable Galvanised Steel Water Tanks by Aqualine Water Tanks

Galvanised Steel Water Tanks can be made to the capacity required for you
Galvanised Steel Water Tanks can be made to the capacity required for you
Galvanised Steel Water Tanks can be made to the capacity required for you Made by BlueScope Steel Australia, Galvanised Steel Tanks are the safest way to store your water supply Galvanised Steel Tanks have become a part of the Australian landscape and is the ideal for the country climate

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Galvanised Steel Water Tanks

From a small home-grown Australian business, Aqualine Water Tanks offers high quality Galvanised Steel Water Tanks made to stand up against the toughest of Australian conditions.

Galvanised Steel Tanks are the preferred choice for BlueScope Steel Australia 
  • Manufactured by BlueScope Steel, galvanised steel is recommended for heavy duty resistance against corrosion
  • 0.9mm thickness gives strength against moist environments that can accelerate corrosion
  • Bolt cover fascias and high quality 50mm chrome plated ball valves come standard on all tanks
  • Larger outlets and outflow fitting can be fitted for increased volume requirements (up to 250mm)
Making sure large capacities of water is always available for whatever the purpose
  • Extra large water storage capacity for industrial, commercial, farm or home use
  • Suitable vessel to maintain water for fire protection
  • Adaptable tanks can be built to suit your special requirements and a variety of capacity sizes 
  • Options for vermin and dust protection with the Presstite polyurethane foam sealing strip
A part of Australian history and heritage
An iconic Australian image galvanised steel tanks look the perfect part in the Australian country.

Galvanised Steel Water Tanks store water safely and are dependable in humid or harsh climates.
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Glavanised steel tanks solve water storage needs
18.01.2013 - Galvanised steel tanks from Aqualine, are designed to solve water storage needs and manufactured from Australian BlueScope 0.9mm thick galvanised st

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