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Chlorine Test Strips available from Arrow Scientific

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Arrow Scientific offers their range of Chlorine Test Strips, chemical analysers for testing the strength of chlorine (bleach) in liquids or surfaces that have been submerged in chlorine liquid.

Chlorine test strips are chemical testings commonly used in restaurants, hospitals and food manufacturers where food is prepared for the general public. Chlorine test strips help these industries ensure that their surfaces and dishes are being adequately sanitised.

It is important that chemical concentration and water temperature are at the appropriate levels to ensure proper sanitisation. If the sanitiser levels are too high, the washed surface can become toxic and poison any food that comes in contact. If the sanitiser levels are too low, harmful bacteria can thrive and pose a health risk to workers and customers.

Water temperatures are just as important as sanitiser levels, because most chemical sanitisers require water temperatures to be around 20oC to function effectively. Using a free chlorine concentration that is too low may not disinfect equipment properly. However, using an unnecessarily high concentration of chlorine may apply undesirable and potentially unhealthy levels of disinfectant in the water systems.

Chlorine Test Strips are available from Arrow Scientific for Australia and New Zealand.

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