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Powder Flow Analyser from Arrow Scientific

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Arrow Scientific introduces the Powder Flow Analyser with patented controlled flow test method for any sample powders capable of flow. The Powder Flow Analyser offers accurate and reliable measuring of flow characteristics of dry and wet powders.

The Powder Flow Analysers are an ideal equipment, which will help manufacturers avoid typical problems such as batch and source variations of ingredients solidifying during storage, bridging in hoppers and sticking during production.

The Powder Flow Analysers feature a helically machined rotor that can be programmed to move through the powder in different ways to measure many different characteristics. The angled rotating blades, also a feature of the Powder Flow Analysers, imposes flow thin the sample, which allows almost any type of sample, capable of flow, can be tested.

The Powder Flow Analysers can also be programmed to carry out slicing, shearing, compression, compaction, mixing and aeration cycles in any combination and any sequence.

The Powder Flow Analysers are available from Arrow Scientific and are supplied with library tests to enable immediate testing after its installation and calibration.

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