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Efficient sheepyards designed by Atlex Stockyards

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Atlex Stockyards  specialises in the design, manufacture and construction of cattleyards and sheepyards. This company has been designing cattleyards and sheepyards for about 24 years. Atlex Stockyards is capable of building new sheepyard systems as well as renovating existing ones.

Permanent sheepyards designed by Atlex Stockyards provide a safe and secure environment for sheep. These sheepyards are available in conjunction with several features and optional extras that include panels and gates. Standard panels and gates from Atlex Stockyards comprise of galvanised posts that ensure durability as well as reliability. Galvanised posts from Atlex Stockyards are fixed at about 625 millimetres above the ground level. These panels and gates possess total lengths that range up to sizes of 3.3 metres. These products from Atlex Stockyards comprise of two flat vertical straps that have been welded for additional strength. The galvanised posts have been specifically designed for preventing sagging of the gates and panels.

Blind panels from Atlex Stockyards are available in square shapes as well as those devoid of bent corners. These panels also offer protection to sheep as well as prevent sheep from jumping over the fences.

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