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Representation for alpaca breeders in Australasia

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The Australasian Alpaca Breeders Association Inc (AABA) works on behalf of, and represents its members, who are alpaca breeders or interested in the alpaca breeding industry.

AABA aims to promote the alpaca breeders and the industry both within Australia and overseas, and caters to other camelids including vicuñas, guanacos, llamas and camels.

One of the AABA’s most important roles relates to the Australasian Alpaca Register (AAR), a database that contains information regarding all registered alpacas in the Australiasian region.

As such, the association is responsible for promoting the development of, and maintaining the AAR.

By ensuring the AAR is accurate and up to date, alpaca breeders will have access to highly valuable information that conforms to scientific values, and allows them to make informed breeding decisions.

The AAR has an Unverified section for alpacas who have never been DNA tested, or have less than two generations of DNA testing. Alpacas with two full generations of DNA testing will be placed in the Verified section of the register.

The association conducts alpaca DNA testing in a manner that conforms to international standards, via the use of a highly accurate, state of the art DNA testing system.

The information is then stored by the association on behalf of its members, and belongs to them.

These services are of immense benefit to alpaca breeders as DNA testing can determine if an alpaca is a pure or pedigree breed, which can then be conveyed to buyers.  

Membership is open to all alpaca breeders, along with individuals who have an obvious interest in an alpaca breed specifically or the alpaca breeding industry more generally.

Photo: a Creative Commons (Attribution 2.0) image from maureenclare’s Flickr photo stream

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