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Promoting Australia's Galloway Cattle

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The Australian Galloway Association (AGA) registers, transfers and promotes Galloway, Belted Galloway and Miniature Galloway and Miniature Belted Galloway Cattle.

The Association has developed by-laws regarding the registration and grading of Galloway cattle breeds.

The AGA regularly places advertisements in rural papers in all states of Australia. The AGA is a member of the Australian Registered Cattle Breeders Association Inc.

The AGA is also a member of the World Galloway Council and actively promotes its members cattle to Galloway and Belted Galloways breeders around the world.

Galloway traits
There are many different breeds of cattle (beef) available, however, the Galloway is one of the oldest naturally polled breeds. The characteristics that the Galloway breed bring to the herd have been stabilised over many generations of breeding, including:

  • fertility
  • ease of calving
  • maternal traits and longevity
  • non-selective grazers
  • high quality and high yielding carcasses
  • produce high quality, healthy beef
  • the breed to cross breed

Galloway bulls have the ability to produce an even line of calves – in colour, polledness and high quality carcasses from mixed lines of cows.  The Galloway polling dominance in crossbreeding ensures 100% polled calves from horned females.

Types of Galloways

  • Black, Dun and Red Galloways
  • Belted Galloways
  • White Galloways
  • Miniature Galloways

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