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The Australian Little Horse and Miniature Breeds Association Inc (ALHMBA) was formed in 2004 with the intent of promoting little and miniature horses.

Furthermore, the ALHMBA aims to co-operate and form relationships with other registered little and miniature horse associations in order to further promote the breeds.

Members are comprised of owners and breeders of little and miniature horses, along with those who have a general interest in the breed.

The ALHMBA is responsible for registering little and miniature horses in its open Stud Book.  

The Stud Book, which was created by the association, is constantly updated.

Registration is open to little and miniature horses and ponies of both sexes, and the category in which they are registered will depend on height.

The association has also created an Appendix Breeding section in the Stud Book for those horses that do not fit into any of the registered categories, yet are less than 12hh.

Both gelding and stallion sections also feature within the Stud Book.

A stud prefix must be submitted to the association’s registry prior to registration, so the particular horse may be easily identified and recorded as belonging to a particular member.

Little and miniature horses can be used such as children’s saddle mounts, leading rein mounts and for harness.

They are intelligent and pick up new skills rapidly, have excellent length of stride, and are more refined than other ponies thanks to their small stature.

The ALHMBA is responsible for disseminating information relevant to the industry, and publishes an informative magazine for members that details the association's activities and allows members to promote their little and miniature horses.

Photo: a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from newage's Flickr photo stream

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