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The cattle seed stock industry in good hands

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article image ARCBA works to further the Australian cattle seed stock industry

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The Australian Registered Cattle Breeders Association (ARCBA) is the peak industry Council for the Australian cattle seed stock industry and deals with associations involved in both meat and dairy producing.

ARCBA operates in accordance with the following mission:

“To provide leadership and support to Australian cattle seedstock industry to produce and market cattle genetics which improve their viability as seedstock procedures and the profitability of commercial cattle production.”

The association operates for the benefit of its members by providing them with leadership and direction, along with education.  

There is also emphasis on further developing and improving the Australian cattle seed stock industry and cementing a positive image of the industry overseas.  

ARCBA’s members do not consist of individuals, but rather cattle seed stock breeding associations, of which there are thirty-seven.  

These associations cover all breeds of cattle, from British and tropical through to European breeds.  

Member associations include the Angus Society of Australia, the Australian Brahman Breeders Association, the Romagnola Breeders Association, and many more.  

The association also has corporate members, such as Pfizer Animal Health, and international association members, such as the National Pedigreed Livestock Council of North America.  

The Council of ARCBA is comprised of representatives from each of these thirty-seven cattle seed stock breed associations, and this Council elects an Executive Committee whom meet every three months to discuss pressing issues and determine ARCBA's action for the future.

By 2013, ARCBA aims to see Australia’s cattle seed stock industry become the most reliable, featuring cattle with the highest performing genetics whom are quality assured in terms of pedigree, performance and health, and are subsequently the preferred cattle overseas.

Photo: a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from pablo_marx's Flickr photo stream

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