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Tractors, rollers and bulk handling equipment from Ballarat Agricultural

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Ballarat Agricultural  supplies the McCormick GX and GXH range of tractors which have hydrostatic or mechanical transmissions and state-of-the-art engines. The tractors are specifically designed with flexibility and productivity in mind. The tractors have compact dimensions which offer good manoeuvrability in constraint areas like vineyards and orchards. The tractors have hydrostatic transmission which is suitable for general landscaping and turf maintenance jobs.

Ballarat Agricultural supplies Agrodill agricultural machinery that is suited for sustainable agriculture. The range of Agrodill agricultural machinery includes drills, ploughs, flexi rollers, specialist machines and bulk handling equipment. Ballarat Agricultural supplies AgrowDrills which are strong, versatile and direct drills. The drills help in increasing seeding versatility from specialised direct drilling to traditional farming applications.

Ballarat Agricultural supplies the AgrowPlow which s designed for rootbed renovation in all types of soils and conditions. Plough size range from two shanks to 27 shanks. Flexi rollers are designed to offer a superior seed bed finish in all soil conditions and are available in various configurations, ranging from 2.5 metres to 14.75 metres. Ballarat Agricultural also supplies specialist machines which is a tractor drawn injection machine.

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