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Agricultural tractor parts and accessories from Bare-Co

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Bare-Co  specialises in manufacturing and distributing pattern agricultural tractor parts in the southern hemisphere. Bare-Co was established in 1944 and now operates a modern CNC equipped manufacturing plant within its Sydney headquarters.

Bare-Co manufactures a wide range of parts and accessories which includes ROP frames, canopies, seating, hydraulics and agricultural gearboxes. Bare-Co also manufactures and distributes PTO drivelines, filters and fuel lines, exhaust equipment, tie rod ends, lighting, earth moving tools, port hole digger auger and harvest parts.

Bare-Co produces an extensive range of linkage and hitch parts which includes ratchet rams, stay bars, stay chains, top links, hydraulic top links, drawbars, tow balls, linch pins, quick hitch parts, R clips, drawbar pins, implement mounting pins, top hitch pins, staybar pins, Clevis pins, lower link balls, universal ball ends and conversion bushes

Bare-Co produces an extensive offers a range of fasteners such as bonnet catches, universal rubber mounting block, Cotter pins, hair pins clips, clips R type, droplock pins, linch pins, roll pins, shaft lock collars, shaft lock pins, heavy duty pins, zinc plated Clevis pins, agricultural bolts, wheel studs and nuts. A wide range of lighting products are also offered by Bare-Co.

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