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Chains and fittings from Bare-Co

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Bare-Co  manufactures a wide range of high tensile chains and fittings such as bulk chain grade, drag chain kits, hooks and lugs, loadbinders, tie-down straps and tie down chain kits. Air compressor and tyre gauge, battery cables, battery terminals, booster cables, universal instruments, O rings, sealing washers, lubrication, drum pumps, measuring jugs, hose clamps, ear muffs, steering wheels, wheel spinners, agricultural wheels, hydraulic jacks, mechanical jacks, paint, tractor operators manuals, workshop manuals and farm machinery safety manuals are also available.

Bare-Co produces canopies which include standard canopy, senior canopy and sheet metal canopy for small and large tractors. Bare-Co offers a range of hydraulics which includes tractor isolator control valves, hydraulic valves, remote hydraulic kits, break away kits, dust plugs and clamps, standard quick release couplings, old model tractor couplings, quick. release coupling adaptors, hydraulic cylinders and spares, hydraulic top links, hydraulic levelling boxes, hydraulic top and tilt kits, threaded fittings and washers, ratchet rams, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic hose assemblies, hydraulic hose and hose fittings.

Bare-Co offers a wide range of lighting products which includes flood lamps, globes, spot lamps, work lamps, universal base mount headlamps, and universal side mount headlamps, low cost headlamps and flashing beacons.

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