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Bladder tanks and dam liners from Bartlett Water Services

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Bartlett Water Services  offers bladder tanks that are manufactured from durable and long lasting materials. The fabric is completely welded to provide optimum strength. Bladder tank has built-in inlet and outlet for installing and connecting to the existing pipe work and overflow.

Bartlett Water Services offers bladder tanks which are suitable for confined spaces normally found around homes and offices. Bladder tanks are ideal for historic zones where traditional tanks are not allowed. Bladder tanks are portable and can be used either side by side or can be connected for more water storage.

Bartlett Water Services manufactures a range of lay flat hoses which are named as Flexiflume and Pumpline. The lay flat hoses were made as a substitute for traditional flood irrigation methods. Lay flat hoses are designed for water transfer and are able to carry large volumes of water at higher pressures compared to unsupported fluming.

Bartlett Water Services has over 50 years of experience in water service products. Bartlett Water Services offers dam liners which are made from high quality material. Dam liners can be used in agriculture and horticulture, waste water treatment facilities, evaporation ponds, toxic waste facilities, sewage lagoons, aquaculture etc.

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