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BASF launches new Novasil Plus feed additive for better animal nutrition

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article image Novasil Plus is a new feed additive formulated to achieve safer animal nutrition

BASF Australia Ltd  announces the launch of Novasil Plus, a new feed additive formulated to achieve better and safer animal nutrition.

A well-established product in the feed market, Novasil Plus is now directly available from BASF.

Consisting of naturally occurring high-purity calcium bentonite clay, Novasil Plus can be used in two ways, depending on its registration status in each country. The feed additive can be used as an anticaking agent for enhancing the flow properties of feed or feed ingredients, or alternatively for specifically binding aflatoxins, which are the deadliest mycotoxins. Aflatoxins can occur in all grains, posing huge risks to animal health.

Dr Alexandra Brand, who heads BASF’s global Animal Nutrition business unit, explains that BASF is striving to optimise animal nutrition with the introduction of Novasil Plus that will help feed producers to improve the technical properties of feed while enhancing animal health by eliminating the negative effects of poisonous aflatoxins.

Aflatoxins: Huge Health Risks for Animals

Aflatoxins, which are produced by several species of the Aspergillus mould, can occur under certain temperature, moisture, and nutrient availability conditions both before and after crop harvest. This contamination can take place especially during warm, humid weather conditions or after drought, as well as in subtropical regions.

Animals ingesting grain contaminated with aflatoxins can suffer effects ranging from a weakened immune system to severe liver damage or even death. Metabolites of aflatoxins can also find their way into the human nutrition chain via milk, eggs and meat.

Novasil Plus, which is easy to add to feed, effectively and reliably binds aflatoxins during the digestive process independent of the pH value in the gut, which makes them largely unavailable for absorption by the animal. However, it does not bind valuable nutrients, thus preserving the nutritional value of feed. Being a clay product, it is absolutely stable during feed production and ingestion.

According to Professor Timothy Phillips of Texas A&M University, Novasil Plus is the platinum standard of aflatoxin binders with more than 60 scientific publications attesting to its safety and efficacy in animals.

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